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The Viner Community Scholarship program continues to attract the attention of media sources throughout south Florida.

2021 Awards Ceremony

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“GPA” – A Glam Philanthropic Affair To Premier February 5th at THRoW Social Delray Beach

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Coastal Stars: Couple Helps Students Get College Degrees

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A special thank you to The Coastal Star for this incredible feature!

Local Duo Doing Their Part to Help Stoneman Douglas’ Seniors

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A special thank you to the Boca Tribune and C. Ron Allen for this incredible feature!

4th Annual Viner Scholar Award Ceremony

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We are proud to have inducted 30 new scholars into our program. We now have 104 students actively pursuing their bachelor degrees and are awarding over $2.5 million in scholarships! A special thank you to WPTV for joining us again and for continuing to support our us.

3rd Annual Viner Scholarship Award Celebration Sunday, 5/21/17 ~ Boca West Country Club

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It was our pleasure awarding @vinerscholars with over $1MM in scholarships. 35 students in the local Boca Raton/Delray community were awarded. This marks a third year milestone for our foundation with a grand total of 79 students going to college during this time. We thank you for the incredible outpouring of support and look forward to Year 4! Also, we want to thank WPTV for covering our event.


WE had our first GPA (Glam Philanthropic Affair) event on March 7th at Life Time, and it was a success! Over 300 people attended and enjoyed an exotic car show, a unique art exhibit, an exclusive Fashion Show, Live Music, and food and desserts from local businesses and restaurants. Everyone now understands our program’s mission, our scope, and the high level of success we’re having with our students.

In addition, we raised funds for student scholarships and received 15 offers to be new mentors. The four students who gave their stories had a great impact on everyone.

Scholarly Letters from the Executive Director

Not everyone needs to learn the hard way. This is a series of letters written by the Executive Director of the Viner Scholars Foundation to the Scholars that wish to take the “easy way” and learn from the mistakes others have made while courageously riding the roller coaster that is college life. While these posts do not guarantee that its readers will learn everything they need to know and never experience any “growing pains”, it will at least help with some of the turbulence. 


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