The Viner Community Scholarship Program

Since 2015, Eda & Cliff Viner Community Scholars Foundation, a 501(c)3, has been providing 4 year scholarships to public Florida Universities or Colleges to academically deserving High School students in Boca & Delray who have financial needs and are community service driven.

In addition to the 4 year scholarship, the foundation has established a mentoring program which provides each student with the guidance and support necessary to keep them on track to ensure the highest possible graduation rate and success.

This is a Last Dollar scholarship – the students must access all other potential sources of financial aid first.  The scholarship will cover tuition and room & board expenses that are not already covered by other financial aid, up to $10k per year, per student.

The scholars partnership board consisting of prominent members representing the diversity of our community will review all applications and interview the chosen applicants.  After interviews the board will select the new scholars.